Sep 15

2016/17 League results – TBC teams

Just so we have an historical record of previous year’s results – didn’t we do well!!


Fixtures 2016/2017

Date Type Home Team Away Team Result  TBC Player of the Match
27/09/2016 Ladies Tenbury Leominster 3-3 D Rose Jenyon
10/10/2016 Men’s Tupsley Tenbury P-P
20/10/2016 Mixed A Broadlands A Tenbury 2-4 L Meg Angell
24/10/2016 Ladies Wye Tenbury 3-3 D Meg Angell
24/10/2016 Men’s Wye Tenbury 4-2 L Robbie Disney
25/10/2016 Mixed B Tenbury Wye 6-0 W Tony Womack
01/11/2016 Mixed A Tenbury Broadlands B P-P
04/11/2016 Mixed B Junior Academy Tenbury 0-6 W Tony Womack
08/11/2016 Mixed B Tenbury Leominster 4-2 W Rose Jenyon
15/11/2016 Ladies Tenbury Hereford Academy 6-0 W Meg Angell
25/11/2016 Men’s Tenbury Broadlands P-P
28/11/2016 Mixed A Wye Tenbury 0-6 W Meg Angell
02/12/2016 Ladies Tenbury Broadlands 4-2 W Charlotte Winter
06/12/2016 Men’s Tenbury Leominster 6-0 W Andy Heathcote
12/12/2016 Mixed B Wye Tenbury 3-3 D Ashley Wood
06/01/2017 Ladies Hereford Academy Tenbury 1-5 W Charlotte Winter
06/01/2017 Men’s Tenbury Hereford Academy 6-0 W George Shenton
12/01/2017 Men’s Broadlands Tenbury 5-1 L Robbie Disney
17/01/2017 Mixed A Tenbury Wye 5-1 W Richard Gwilliam
20/01/2017 Men’s Hereford Academy Tenbury 4-2 L Paul Wrighton
26/01/2017 Mixed A Broadlands B Tenbury 2-4 W Meg Angell
03/02/2017 Men’s Tenbury Broadlands P-P
09/02/2017 Men’s Leominster Tenbury 0-6 W Tony Womack
14/02/2017 Men’s Tenbury Broadlands 0-6 L George Shenton
17/02/2017 Ladies Tenbury Wye 4-2 W Megan Angell
24/02/2017 Mixed B Tenbury Junior Academy 6-0 W Tony Womack
28/02/2017 Mixed A Tenbury Tupsley 6-0 W Megan Angell
02/03/2017 Mixed B Leominster Tenbury 0-6 W Stella Disney
06/03/2017 Mens Tupsley Tenbury 4-2 L Robbie Disney
07/03/2017 Mixed A Tenbury Broadlands A 6-0 W Robbie Disney
13/03/2017 Mixed A Tupsley Tenbury 0-6 W Megan Angell
16/03/2017 Ladies Broadlands Tenbury 0-6 L Charlotte Winter
17/03/2017 Men’s Tenbury Wye 6-0 W George Shenton
21/03/2017 Mixed A Tenbury Broadlands B 6-0 W Match conceded
23/03/2017 Ladies Leominster Tenbury 0-6 W Charlotte Winter
28/03/2017 Men’s Tenbury Tupsley 6-0 W Paul Wrighton


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