AGM Highlights

Well for those of you who attended the AGM last week at The Fountain you will know this so for everyone else’s benefit the key points (the full minutes will be emailed out in due course) are as follows:

The new Committee Members for positions already filled:

Ashley Wood                         Chair

Phil Sandell                           Treasurer

Dave Winter                           Secretary

Andy Heathcote                    Coaching Officer

Beth Winter                            Fundraising and (mainly) Social Secretary

Richard Gwilliam                 Mixed  A Team Captain

Stella Disney                        Mixed  B Team Captain

Megan Angell                       Ladies Team Captain

Andy Heathcote                   Men’s Team Captain

John Kelly                             Senior Member Liaison

Tom Steventon                     Junior Member Liaison

Media                                     To be continued by those already involved

The aim will be to have at least termly committee meetings as the season progresses


Fees for the 2016/17 Season

Adults                  £165 Annually / £60 Term

Juniors                  £60 Annually / £25 Term

Juniors are up to the age of 18, and any juniors becoming 18 during the 2016/17 season have to pay the junior termly rate until the reach 18 and the adult rates thereafter

We have decided to restrict junior membership to a maximum of 6 Full Junior Members, and others will be put on a waiting list until a vacancy arises

Visitors on the night Adults £5 – Juniors £3 and for the time being we are NOT restricting visitors as long as member numbers do not put pressure on the courts

We will definitely be putting forward a mixed team into the HBA league and possibly a ladies team also.  The fate of a men’s team is dependent on a prospective men’s captain coming forward to organise it. NB – Men’s captain has now been Found – See above for details

We have a nominal grant for ADULT Coaching from the HBA and Andy’s first role will be trying to put together a series of coaching sessions with a professional coach on a night other than a club night.

We are looking for sponsors for the club so if any of the members have businesses that are prepared to sponsor us please let us know.  In the short term we are looking for a sponsor for the website which this year would require a donation of around £85.  Sponsors will have links on the TBC  website to their own.

We do have both a Facebook Page and a Twitter accounts and members are all encouraged to follow TBC on there.





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  1. Ladies Team Captain to be Megan Angell and Men’s Team captain to be Andy Heathcote. This will mean that we will be fielding three teams in the HBA league for the next season.

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