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2021/2022 Results at a glance

Fixtures 2021/22
DateTypeHome TeamAway TeamResult  H-ATBC Player of the Match
19/10/2021Men’sTenburyLudlow3-3DSimon Morris
02/11/2021Men’sTenburyRoss6-0WGeorge Shenton
09/112021MixedTenburyBroadlands6-0WGeorge Shenton
30/11/2021LadiesTenburyWye AP-PPOSTPONED to 29/03
10/12/2021Men’sTenburyWye A5-1WWill Taylor
14/12/2021MixedTenburyWye B6-0WGeorgia Turvey
14/01/2022LadiesTenburyWye B5-1WRose Jenyon
21/01/2022MixedTenburyWye A4-2WNicki Wrighton
28/01/2022Men’sRossTenbury0-6WGeorge Shenton
02/02/2022LadiesWye ATenburyP-PPOSTPONED to 06/04
09/02/2022Men’sWye ATenbury3-3DDylan Turvey
01/03/2022MixedBroadlandsTenbury0-6WNicki Wrighton
09/03/2022LadiesWye BTenbury4-2LJess Richards
11/03/2022Men’sLudlowTenbury5-1LGeorge Shenton
23/03/2022MixedWye ATenburyP-PPOSTPONED to 04/05
29/03/2022LadiesTenburyWye AP-PPOSTPONED to 12/04
06/04/2022LadiesWye ATenbury5-1LGeorgia Turvey
12/04/2022LadiesTenburyWye A6-0WRose Jenyon
20/04/2022MixedWye BTenbury1-5WGeorgia Turvey
04/05/2022MixedWye ATenbury4-2LNicki Wrighton
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The current league tables for the Mixed, Ladies and Men’s leagues can be found on the Hereford Badminton Association website here.


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