Oct 23

2017/18 Results at a glance


Fixtures 2017/2018

Date Type Home Team Away Team Result H-A TBC Player of the Match
29/09/2017 Mixed A Tenbury A Tenbury B 5-1 W Meg Angell
29/09/2017 Mixed B Tenbury A Tenbury B 5-1 L Will Taylor
03/10/2017 Mixed A Tenbury B Tenbury A 0-6 W Robbie Disney
03/10/2017 Mixed B Tenbury B Tenbury A 0-6 L Rose Jenyon
06/10/2017 Men’s Academy Tenbury 1-5 W Paul Wrighton
10/10/2017 Ladies Tenbury Academy 6-0 W Meg Angell
17/10/2017 Ladies Tenbury Wye P-P
20/10/2017 Men’s Tenbury Broadlands 6-0 W George Shenton
31/10/2017 Mixed A Tenbury A Broadlands 5-1 W Richard Gwilliam
06/11/2017 Mixed A Tupsley Tenbury A 0-6 W Robbie Disney
14/11/2017 Mixed A Wye Tenbury A 2-4 W Robbie Disney
17/11/2017 Mixed B Tenbury B Broadlands 2-4 L George Shenton
24/11/2017 Mixed B Tenbury B Wye 3-3 D George Shenton
01/12/2017 Mixed B Tenbury B Tupsley 6-0 W Catherine Hurst
14/12/2017 Ladies Broadlands Tenbury 3-3 D Meg Angell
14/12/2017 Men’s Broadlands Tenbury 6-0 L Robbie Disney
04/01/2018 Ladies Leominster/Tupsley Tenbury 0-6 W Nicki Wrighton
11/01/2018 Mixed A Broadlands Tenbury A 3-3 D Meg Angell
16/01/2018 Ladies Tenbury Leominster/Tupsley P-P
22/01/2018 Mixed B Tupsley Tenbury B P-P
30/01/2018 Men’s Tenbury Tupsley P-P
02/02/2018 Ladies Academy Tenbury 4-2 L Charlotte Winter
05/02/2018 Mixed B Tupsley Tenbury B 1-5 W George Shenton
08/02/2018 Mixed B Broadlands Tenbury B 5-1 L George Shenton
12/02/2018 Men’s Tupsley Tenbury 2-4 W Paul Wrighton
13/02/2018 Ladies Tenbury Wye 4-2 W Nicki Wrighton
20/02/2018 Ladies Tenbury Broadlands 3-3 D Rose Jenyon
27/02/2018 Mixed B Wye Tenbury B 5-1 L George Shenton
06/03/2018 Mixed A Tenbury A Tupsley 6-0 W Robbie Disney
09/03/2018 Ladies Tenbury Leominster/Tupsley 6-0 W Conceded
13/03/2018 Ladies Wye Tenbury 2-4 W Meg Angell
13/03/2018 Men’s Tenbury Academy 6-0 W Robbie Disney
20/03/2018 Mixed A Tenbury A Wye 6-0 W Meg Angell
06/04/2018 Men’s Tenbury Tupsley 6-0 W Conceded
Dates in Red Home matches on club nights



Sep 15

2016/17 League results – TBC teams

Just so we have an historical record of previous year’s results – didn’t we do well!!


Fixtures 2016/2017

Date Type Home Team Away Team Result  TBC Player of the Match
27/09/2016 Ladies Tenbury Leominster 3-3 D Rose Jenyon
10/10/2016 Men’s Tupsley Tenbury P-P
20/10/2016 Mixed A Broadlands A Tenbury 2-4 L Meg Angell
24/10/2016 Ladies Wye Tenbury 3-3 D Meg Angell
24/10/2016 Men’s Wye Tenbury 4-2 L Robbie Disney
25/10/2016 Mixed B Tenbury Wye 6-0 W Tony Womack
01/11/2016 Mixed A Tenbury Broadlands B P-P
04/11/2016 Mixed B Junior Academy Tenbury 0-6 W Tony Womack
08/11/2016 Mixed B Tenbury Leominster 4-2 W Rose Jenyon
15/11/2016 Ladies Tenbury Hereford Academy 6-0 W Meg Angell
25/11/2016 Men’s Tenbury Broadlands P-P
28/11/2016 Mixed A Wye Tenbury 0-6 W Meg Angell
02/12/2016 Ladies Tenbury Broadlands 4-2 W Charlotte Winter
06/12/2016 Men’s Tenbury Leominster 6-0 W Andy Heathcote
12/12/2016 Mixed B Wye Tenbury 3-3 D Ashley Wood
06/01/2017 Ladies Hereford Academy Tenbury 1-5 W Charlotte Winter
06/01/2017 Men’s Tenbury Hereford Academy 6-0 W George Shenton
12/01/2017 Men’s Broadlands Tenbury 5-1 L Robbie Disney
17/01/2017 Mixed A Tenbury Wye 5-1 W Richard Gwilliam
20/01/2017 Men’s Hereford Academy Tenbury 4-2 L Paul Wrighton
26/01/2017 Mixed A Broadlands B Tenbury 2-4 W Meg Angell
03/02/2017 Men’s Tenbury Broadlands P-P
09/02/2017 Men’s Leominster Tenbury 0-6 W Tony Womack
14/02/2017 Men’s Tenbury Broadlands 0-6 L George Shenton
17/02/2017 Ladies Tenbury Wye 4-2 W Megan Angell
24/02/2017 Mixed B Tenbury Junior Academy 6-0 W Tony Womack
28/02/2017 Mixed A Tenbury Tupsley 6-0 W Megan Angell
02/03/2017 Mixed B Leominster Tenbury 0-6 W Stella Disney
06/03/2017 Mens Tupsley Tenbury 4-2 L Robbie Disney
07/03/2017 Mixed A Tenbury Broadlands A 6-0 W Robbie Disney
13/03/2017 Mixed A Tupsley Tenbury 0-6 W Megan Angell
16/03/2017 Ladies Broadlands Tenbury 0-6 L Charlotte Winter
17/03/2017 Men’s Tenbury Wye 6-0 W George Shenton
21/03/2017 Mixed A Tenbury Broadlands B 6-0 W Match conceded
23/03/2017 Ladies Leominster Tenbury 0-6 W Charlotte Winter
28/03/2017 Men’s Tenbury Tupsley 6-0 W Paul Wrighton


May 12

New timings & courts for the next 4 weeks

As you know by now, the school is using half or the sports hall for GCSE exams, so for the next 4 weeks we will only have 2 courts available to us, but to compensate somewhat the club session will start at 6:00 pm and run for a full 3 hours.

Normal times will resume around mid – June


May 10

Tenbury keeps on delivering

Once again the mixed teaams have had some great results for the 2016/17 season

Add to these great results the 2nd place for our Men’s and Ladies teams, and for the latter it was their first attempt.



Nov 15

Tenbury Badminton Club and the Badminton 4 MacMillan Event


As many of you know we are participating in the upcoming event between Badminton England and MacMillan Cancer Support and it is one not to be missed.

When – Sunday 27th November 2016
Where – Tenbury High School Ormiston Academy Sports hall
Times – 10:00 am until 1:00 pm
£3 entry – all proceeds to MacMillan Cancer Support

The event is open to anybody, any age, of any ability, including complete novices to the game, so just come along and have fun.  So bring the whole family, the neighbours, your friends, it doesn’t matter

The school has kindly donated the use of the venue in view of the cause we are supporting so please share as much as possible to make this event a great one.  Cakes and drinks will be available to purchase in the sports hall foyer to keep you going, again with all proceeds to MacMillan


Please visit our Facebook Page here and like and share to spread the word and the same for those who follow Twitter by clicking here to follow us.




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