Fixtures & Results


Fixtures 2018/2019

Date Type Home Team Away Team Result  H-A TBC Player of the Match
18/10/2018 Ladies Broadlands Tenbury 5-1 L Rose Jenyon
23/10/2018 Mixed A Tenbury A Tenbury B 4-2 W Richard Gwilliam
30/10/2018 Mixed B Tenbury B Tenbury A 4-2 W Will Taylor
02/11/2018 Mixed B Tenbury B Wye A 6-0 W Nicki Wrighton
08/11/2018 Men’s Broadlands Tenbury 5-1 L George Shenton
09/11/2018 Ladies Tenbury Wye B 6-0 W Charlotte Winter
16/11/2018 Men’s Tenbury Wye B 6-0 W George Shenton
20/11/2018 Mixed B Tenbury B Wye B 5-1 W George Shenton
22/11/2018 Mixed A Broadlands Tenbury A 2-4 W Robbie Disney
27/11/2018 Mixed A Wye A Tenbury A 1-5 W Robbie Disney
30/11/2018 Men’s Tenbury Wye A 3-3 D George Shenton
07/12/2018 Men’s Tenbury Ross 4-2 W Will Taylor
07/12/2018 Ladies Ross Tenbury P-P Postponed
11/12/2018 Mixed B Tenbury B Broadlands 6-0 W Conceded
12/12/2018 Men’s Wye A Tenbury P-P Postponed
11/01/2019 Men’s Ross Tenbury 6-0 L George Shenton
11/01/2019 Ladies Tenbury Ross P-P Postponed
22/01/2019 Ladies Wye A Tenbury P-P Postponed
23/01/2019 Men’s Wye B Tenbury 0-6 W George Shenton
29/01/2019 Mixed A Tenbury A Broadlands 4-2 W Robbie Disney
05/02/2019 Ladies Tenbury Wye A 3-3 D Charlotte Winter
08/02/2019 Ladies Ross Tenbury 5-1 L Charlotte Winter
08/02/2019 Men’s Tenbury Broadlands 5-1 W George Shenton
12/02/2019 Ladies Tenbury Academy 6-0 W Charlotte Winter
26/02/2019 Mixed A Tenbury A Wye A 5-1 W Richard Gwilliam
27/02/2019 Ladies Wye A Tenbury 6-0 L Nicki Wrighton
01/03/2019 Ladies Academy Tenbury 4-2 L Meg Angell
05/03/2019 Ladies Tenbury Broadlands 6-0 W Postponed/Conceded
12/03/2019 Ladies Wye B Tenbury 0-6 W Cath Hurst
14/03/2019 Mixed B Broadlands Tenbury B 5-1 L Will Taylor
20/03/2019 Mixed B Wye B Tenbury B 1-5 W George Shenton
02/04/2019 Mixed A Tenbury A Wye B 6-0 W Conceded
09/04/2019 Mixed B Wye A Tenbury B 1-5 W Nicki Wrighton
10/04/2019 Mixed A Wye B Tenbury A 4-2 L Robbie Disney
12/04/2019 Ladies Tenbury Ross 6-0 W Charlotte Winter
01/05/2019 Men’s Wye A Tenbury
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The current league tables for the Mixed, Ladies and Men’s leagues can be found on the Hereford Badminton Association website here.

Just a refresher about how last season went when we ran 2 Mixed teams, a Ladies and a Men’s team can be found here 2017/18 Results